Mystery Date

April 15, 2004 in Uncategorized

For any ex-Trilogians out there, check out Joe with now “famous” Amy. He’s the one referred to as the “Mystery Date”.

Trump TV: First Impressions of the Apprentices

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  1. ready for the 2 hour finale? if kwame loses tonight…it’s a loss for humanity. Smarm can’t win. Ponderosa needs to die. I need a life, I can’t believe i’m addicted to this show. :)

  2. jen on 15 April 2004
  3. I am sooooooo ready. I love how they played the Omarosa “We gotta do this for you brotha,” clip right before she started stabbing Kwame in the back.
    Don’t be ashamed, I got addicted after a recommendation from my mom of all people…

  4. Mark on 15 April 2004
  5. trilogians is not a word.

  6. julie on 15 April 2004
  7. you’re not a word.

  8. Mark on 15 April 2004
  9. that’s not cool

  10. julie on 15 April 2004
  11. i’ve been using that “we gotta do this for you, brotha” line for a long time. i guess it’s time to find a new one…

  12. eric on 15 April 2004

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