No, You’re Kissing Her Earlobe Wrong.

April 26, 2004 in Uncategorized

I am wasting Lau’s flava. And for that I apologize. Believe it or not, I’ve actually been really busy at work today. I think I came up with idea might turn into something really really dope. So anyways, here is my Friday night in summary form.

Leave House w/ Bre and walk to bus stop. (5:45p)
Get to Saba (6p).
Emily arrives and we order first round. (~6:15p)
Leave Saba, go to Apple Bar. (?)
Leave Apple Bar, go to Firehouse. (?)
Leave Firehouse, go to Club de Ville. (?)
Leave Club de Ville, go to Plush. (?)
Leave Plush, go to Lovejoys. (?)
Leave Lovejoys, go to Casino el Camino. (?)
Hop in cab, head home. (?)
Get towel for Breanna and proceed to watch her hop in my shower because she needs to wash off her feet. Yes. Her feet. (?)
Pass out on couch. (?)
Woken up by Bre and Emily leaving, stumble to bed and pass out. (3a)

Wake up hungover with no freakin’ clue where my credit card is. (9a)

so as you can clearly see, i’m all out of flava. my apologies.

4 Comments to No, You’re Kissing Her Earlobe Wrong.

  1. i wanted to write of my weekend of irresponsible drinking, cutting open my knee, and making balloon animals (all related, yes).
    but, sadly, momma reads my blog.
    good thing you have comments here.

  2. eric on 26 April 2004
  3. you’re always welcome here…

  4. Mark on 26 April 2004
  5. How about that? We live in a parallel universe – I was just reading your blog and was shocked! I was at Firehouse, Club DeVille, Casino and Lovejoys on Friday night too! Wow!
    Have a good week here in Austin –

  6. snowflake on 28 April 2004
  7. weeeeeiiiiirirddddd….. :)

  8. Mark on 28 April 2004

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