April 28, 2004 in Uncategorized

I found my credit card tonight. I cancelled my credit card today.


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  1. I can one up you. I remember once when I was younger my mom had me go to the ATM to get money for her. I was with a friend or something (don’t remember who) and we somehow got distracted. Remember those old-school ones where you have to lift up the door to get the money? Um…Yeah. I forgot to lift it. Lost all the money. Um…Yeah.

  2. Mark on 29 April 2004
  3. Murphy’s Law, Murphy’s Law…the day I got my new ATM card activated and was an official memeber of the banking community…I left it in the ATM machine by accident.
    I canceled via phone at work, went to the bank to make a withdrawl with a teller to get some cash, when they turned it in to me. Useless. I am. :)

  4. jen on 29 April 2004

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