May 21, 2004 in Uncategorized

Ugh. My body hurts. Dave is leaving town next week, so Zack, Dave and I went out for our last Thursday Night Drinking Extravaganza. Stumbling home last night my body was not happy with me. Passing out at 3a, and then waking up to go to Melissa’s 8:30a graduation? Didn’t help. Aleve is the ultimate hangover killer—I don’t know what I’d do without it. I swear, I really don’t.

I’m trying to find a humourous way to connect this crazy website my officemate told me about today to the call I got from Mollie last night asking me to stop mentioning her on my blog, but I give up. I have no wit this morning. My brain simply hasn’t turned on yet, but man did that Wendy’s help. Enjoy:

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  1. “i read about that bitch hitting your truck”
    -blog witness
    is it ok if your dedicated commenters talk about mollie? or did she not go into that much detail?

  2. eric on 21 May 2004
  3. she didn’t go into any detail on that. gee willickers, i bet she feels silly.

  4. Mark on 21 May 2004
  5. alls i remember of mollie is her yelling at me to sing along when we were at that piano bar on 6th street. i didn’t. she eventually stopped yelling, which was nice.
    then, later, i started to sing along, and she probably thought that she had something to do with it. but in reality, it was that little blind man at the piano telling me to shout “shut up, bitch!” in the middle of margaritaville. how could i refuse?

  6. eric on 21 May 2004

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