Slumber, Part Deux

May 5, 2004 in Uncategorized

No, it totally makes sense. Not that it would to you of course…

My high school has been making a big comeback lately. I’ve had 4 people from my high school class track me down on Friendster in the past week (which is a lot, cause there were only 46 people in my graduating class), and I found a girl a few years younger than me that is actually going to UT. AND, I found out this girl who went to school with me is going to be on the Women’s Greek Olympic Soccer team, which is pretty freakin’ cool.

I was chatting with Lau a couple days ago about moving out to the Bay Area, and he reminded me how many people from my house are out there now. I totally forgot about the Phi Sigs in Cali and that got me kinda juiced. And I guess that’s why Rosco found his way in there.

And finally, there was the kids thing. It was pretty peculiar, but it seemed like some sort of day camp and I was having a ball. An absolute blast. I can’t remember the last time I spent quality crazy time with a kid, but I can remember how much fun I had doing day camp back in high school. And it was totally one of those dreams where if you can just sleep in, and wake up whenever you want, it puts you in a great mood for the whole day. Unfortunately it was cut short by my alarm telling me it’s time to catch my red-eye flight.

Weird analysis aside, it’s nice to have the dreams back. I can only remember my dreams when I’m not stressed and they’ve been steadily coming back over the past few weeks. I’ve come to terms with a lot of things with Mollie, and I’m slowly getting back to being in a happier place. I still don’t get the Krispy Kreme hat though…

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  1. i moved to california?
    me and my krispy kreme hat like it up here in the cold. we’re famous up here! on the news and everything!

  2. rosco on 5 May 2004
  3. i actually don’t even know where it was. it could’ve been anywhere–i think you represented phi sigs in general, not the cali crew per se. either way, we all thought you were pretty cool on the tv…

  4. Mark on 6 May 2004

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