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Man, I was having the best dream. It was my job to watch over kids or something. Like we all lived in this big house and it was the start of daycare for the summer. And there were all these people just hanging out like Rosco from Phi Sig and Simone from Packer. And everyone was just sitting around watching TV cause Rosco was on it for one reason or another. And instead of his old baseball hat he was wearing a Krispy Kreme hat. And he was being interviewed during the nightly news or something. And I was so happy. And I think I understand all of it. Except for the Krispy Kreme part…

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  1. you understand all of it… except the Krispy Kreme part? I can understand the Krispy Kreme part, but the rest is rather odd (and personal).

  2. dawn on 5 May 2004

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