May 24, 2004 in Uncategorized

Much thanks to everyone that made it out to Prom this weekend. We packed the boat with 45 people, danced to everything from “End of the Road” to “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems”, went through over 100 Jello Shots, kicked a keg, punched a hole in the ceiling, and even had some quality ACC v. Ivy League flip cup action.

See ya next time…

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  1. Oooh! ooh! Will there be pictures!!!
    I would love to see. :)

  2. jen on 24 May 2004
  3. yeah– you guys BETTER send me pictures!!
    I’m glad it was a good time. But really, how could it not have been? you kids know how to throw a party…..

  4. beth on 24 May 2004
  5. I promise I’ll post em as soon as I get some. I couldn’t find my camera the day of… :(

  6. Mark on 25 May 2004

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