May 19, 2004 in Uncategorized

I think it’s certain at this point. My across the street neighbor has moved out and 4 sorority looking girls (I was in a Fraternity, so I’m allowed to say that), have moved in. As I get home from a pretty standard day of Taco Shack, work, and Home Depot, I think upgrade.

not so fast…

Around 11:30p or so I start to hear loud talking outside, and peek out the window. Seems that they’re having a party across the street.


Around 1a when I’m going to bed the bass starts. A long, constants, steady bass beat that I could feel sitting on the couch. And in the blink of an eye I change from the easy going neighbor, to the curmudgeonly old man.

At 1a on a Tuesday? Don’t they know this is a neighborhood of families? People have to work in the morning!

And as an extra kick in the head I got woken up by jackhammering being done in front of their house this morning. Nice.

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  1. Please, my neighbor plays all sorts of crapy music at all hours and the walls between us are so thin most of the time we can play guess that tune. Also, the shape of the entire complex, while cute on the outside, makes for great acoustics inside my little efficiancy apartment (there’s no where to hide!).

  2. dancepartydawn on 19 May 2004

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