5 Down, 3 To Go

June 29, 2004 in Uncategorized

Folks, we’re into Hour 5 of the…

*audience screams in unison*
Mark Phillip Hates American Airlines Telethon!

That’s right people, 5 action-packed hours down and 3 more to go. Have I mentioned that my last-minute fare was sooooo cheap?

*audience again*
How cheap was it?!?

So cheap, that despite having no bags to check, being at the airport plenty early, being told over the phone that I was fine to standby, and the best puppy dog face I’ve ever put on, American has been kind enough to let me watch plane after plane after plane leave with empty seats on it, refusing to simply let me standby because of “restrictions” on my ticket. 8(!) whole hours spent in the fabulous Fort Lauderdale Airport before they let me start my trip home, of course routing me through the bastion of on-time performance, DFW. Man. You just can’t pay for that kind of service, people….

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  1. word. i tried to fly standby out of LA once on a sunday. after about 5 flights took off without me on them, i ended up calling my friend to catch a ride with her to San Diego where i successfully got a flight out the next day. standby sucks. but hey, i did get to miss an extra day of work.

  2. laura on 29 June 2004

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