A Natalie Portman Situation

June 4, 2004 in Uncategorized

Today is the day that so many folks have been waiting so very long for—the premiereof the latest installment of the Harry Potter series. In honor of this occasion (and because it’s a Friday and you’re not doing any work anyways), it’s time for a good ole fashioned poll. We’ve had the titanic battle of Friendster v. Introvertster. We also had the highly creative “If you were turned into a burrito which part of you would you eat first?” Today? Who’s gonna be a better looking adult? Place your bets…

Daniel Radcliffe Rupert Grint Emma Watson

11 Comments to A Natalie Portman Situation

  1. Well! I’ve already made my decision. See my blog for details.

  2. Bre on 4 June 2004
  3. Well of course I know what you picked. I’m just wondering if anybody else thinks you’re crazy. This one is definitely all about Emma Watson…

  4. Mark on 4 June 2004
  5. i agree with mark…once she gets those brows shaped, emma’s gonna be a stunner. as for the boys, daniel is going to end up looking wierd (less hugh grant and more steve buscemi), whereas, rupert will be quite delish in a disheveled, hipster kinda way. so says i.

  6. em on 4 June 2004
  7. Emma will be cute, but I wouldn’t say “stunning.” Rupert has a chance, but a very small one. He’s more geek than hot. But Daniel? Come on! Those blue eyes and that dark, messy hair! That jawline! Steve Buscemi? Ack! Not even close.

  8. Bre on 4 June 2004
  9. No, Emily’s right–she’s definitely gonna be a stunner. Yes, I know you love your geek hotness Bre, but Emma is totally gonna be a Natalie Portman, Rupert is gonna have his hair made fun of and turn into a Johnny Depp loner type (yes, I said Johnny Depp!), and Radcliffe will get picked up on a DUI in 10 years when his career is long over with. Book it!

  10. Mark on 4 June 2004
  11. Just for the record, I love Rupert to death and will always do so. And I think he’s the best actor of the bunch, and Daniel’s the worst.
    But I agree, Emma will be the hottest. Which is unfair, because Hermione’s SO not supposed to be pretty. Maybe later on, but not now. They always have to make preteen girls pretty and let the boys have all the awkwardness.

  12. beth on 4 June 2004
  13. I’m for Emma.
    It’s those eyes…

  14. jen on 4 June 2004
  15. i hope that rupert will NOT go the way of danny bonaduce…infomercials and celebrity boxing and whatnot. ugh.
    and dude, that hermione is ALREADY a hottie.
    that’s right. i said it.
    you already think it. you’re just too chicken to say it.

  16. eric on 4 June 2004
  17. I saw the movie this weekend. It was really good–and she’s gonna be really dope.

  18. Mark on 6 June 2004
  19. Daniel doesn’t have a jawline. theres a layer of fat covering it.

  20. craig on 14 July 2004
  21. soooooooo true.

  22. Mark on 14 July 2004

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