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June 8, 2004 in Uncategorized

Prom was great. But not for the reasons that I expected. It was by far the best party I’ve ever thrown, but the memories that make me the happiest are of people coming up to me to tell me how much fun they had. Not of anything I personally did. I was worried that I would have to spend all my time running around and making sure that everything was okay not be able to have fun myself, but walking around and talking with everyone and making sure everything was okay was most of the fun. All my Queer Eye watching finally came in handy…

I’m sitting at Zen right now (surprise) and the owner (I think he is the owner) came over and asked me if everything was okay with wireless. I told him everything was solid, and as I watched him “work the room” and check on other people in the restaurant, it was easy to see what a good time he was having. I’d love to own a restaurant, or a bar, or something like that someday. Or a B&B. Yeah, a B&B would be dope. But not those lame, dime-a-dozen B&Bs with floral prints on the sheets, no TV, and a crossaint for breakfast. No, I’m talking, IKEA/west elm decor, big TV, and a huge honking breakfast in the morning. Man, I’d get the biggest kick our of running something like that. Now just gotta quit my job and find a few hundred thousand dollars.

Screw it, I’ll just throw another prom come fall…

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  1. i’d be up for co-owning an ikea/west elm b&b!
    just gotta keep playing the lotto!

  2. dancepartydawn on 9 June 2004
  3. instead of fall prom, how about homecoming? with giant fancy football mums! and big hair.

  4. leela on 9 June 2004
  5. I want to own one. I never said I wanted to run one… ;)

  6. Mark on 13 June 2004

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