Before & After

June 23, 2004 in Uncategorized

“weakness? hasn’t it been 12 days? that’s way hard core. have you seen results? i expect side-by-side photo documentation of the no-chipotle diet:

on the left, a picture of a fat and smiling black man. on the right, the same man, but now skinny, and with a face that shows both anger and depression.”

Lau asked for them, so I wanted to give you guys the before and after pics from the diet. Enjoy.

5 Comments to Before & After

  1. i liked you better before, mark. you looked happier.

  2. em on 23 June 2004
  3. hmmm…happy or hot? happy or hot? hm…. :)

  4. Mark on 23 June 2004
  5. this diet seems to be making you darker, too.

  6. eric on 23 June 2004
  7. That’s it – I’m never eating Chipotle again! Maybe I’ll look like Jennifer Aniston after 12 days.

  8. Bre on 24 June 2004
  9. Before: happy, but fully clothed and needing vision correction.
    After: naked, looking as though you’ve had a hundred shags and your vision seems to be 20/20.
    This is SOME diet, Mark.

  10. beth on 24 June 2004

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