Chipotle Nutritional Information

June 16, 2004 in Uncategorized

I’ve done some more research and finally found a Chipotle Nutrition Calculator that seems to jive with most of the random nutritional information out there about food at Chipotle. Enjoy.

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  1. mark, i fucking hate you. you have just ruined my life. i thought that mine would be really healthy since i skip the rice and don’t eat meat. but no, my burrito is packed with artery-cloggers. i’ll never be able to eat there in blissful ignorance again.
    (and i don’t really hate you.)

  2. em on 16 June 2004
  3. ugh… that is so gross. I don’t eat at Chipotle b/c it is owned by those bastards that own McDonalds but I went ahead and tested a burrito that I would probably order, if I went. 13″ w/fajita veggies, black beans and rice, tomatoes, cheese and quacamole… 1115 calories and 49g of fat! How absolutely gross. Unfortunately, it makes me wonder are FreeBirds burritos just as disgusting?

  4. dancepartyd on 16 June 2004
  5. It’s the guacamole that’s so fattening (okay, and the cheese), but that’s not really fair because avocados have a lot of good fat in them, like polyunsaturated…and stuff… do I sound like I know what I’m talking about? But due to the multiple high fat/high calorie combinations on the Chipotle counter, I can only conclude that even the deceptively healthy, meat-free versions of their food are all prepared using some form of lard.

  6. Bre on 16 June 2004
  7. I know, I know. It sucks. I’m a huge proponent of being able to eat just about anything you want as long as you’re really active. I’m keeping away from the Big Chip’ till I get off my lazy butt more regularly…

  8. Mark on 16 June 2004
  9. thanks a lot Mark. that’s like my favorite food in the world.
    fair enough though, I usually just eat THAT and only that the day I decide to go to Chipotle.
    Somehow it’s worth 1463 calories and (GASP) 61 g of fat….
    holy God!!!

  10. beth on 17 June 2004
  11. Bre posted that even the supposedly health burritos have lard. According to their website, certain things that you can choose are vegetarian. By nessecity, that means that there is not lard unless they are lying. The issue with why these burritos are so fattening is largely because they are, well, so large. Anything that frickin big is going to have a lot of calories. I just did a calculation on the USDA website and found that a banana that is the same size as a Chipotle burrito would be over 500 calories. But then again, I would probably vomit before I finished the banana.

  12. Jeremy on 25 July 2004
  13. I thought I would share with you my chipotle horror story.
    I was in pretty good shape I guess, I wasnt dieting, but I go to the gym every other day, and I drink diet soda now (after hearing about that diabetes report), and have tried to eat out less than I used to. I have been at a steady weight for about 2 years and was totally shocked when I couldnt fit into a skirt that I wore about a month ago. I went on the scale and i realized I weighed 15 lbs more than I expected to. I freaked out, and ran straight to the gym. I didnt know where this could come from. What did i change in the last six weeks? I fell in love with chipotle steak burritos, and ate them once or twice a week because they were in walking distance of my work. I didnt think that the were that fattening, they were fresh tasting and i didnt think that they were as high in calories as taco bell for instance (though a grilled stuffed burrito from taco bell is only 650 calories, half of what chipotle is for about the same amount of burrito). I was so surprised when i found out that my favorite burrito was 1195).
    I realized this just in time for my beach vacation. I’m embarrassed to wear bathing suits now, and I’m going to have to drink slim-fast rather than dining at nice places on my vacation (I dont want to put on more pounds before I go back to school). I just thought I should let you all know how quick those burritos will hit your thighs.

  14. erin on 30 August 2004
  15. I can’t say I know the embarassment of wearing a two-piece (in public at least), but I feel your pain of seemingly with the flick of a switch there is all this extra “Mark”. I do think curvier women are more attactive, for what it’s worth… :)

  16. Mark on 30 August 2004
  17. erin:
    Even if you did eat Chipotle twice a week for 6 weeks where did the other 11 pounds come from? Twelve burittos in no way shape or form going to add 15 pounds in just 6 weeks.

  18. David on 3 September 2006
  19. Yes, their burritos are too large for one person. SO….make two meals out of one burrito.

  20. Linda on 9 July 2009
  21. The ratio of fat to the amount of food isn’t too surprising. It is, a TON of food. I usually split my bowl (the tortilla in a burrito contributed a HUGE amount to the calorie count along with chips) into three meals. Also, having it owned by McDonalds really only suggests a business venture and not necissarily the same ingredients or mannerisms in cooking. Going to a restaurant regularly has the same deal–islands, mimi’s, etc. Its tough because really any fast food place is going to harbor alot of calories you dont know about. Taco bell may be less in calories, but whats the fat content in relationship to the amount or quality of food youre getting? Im a sucker for chipotle steak…and their chips. OH how I love salt

  22. Kristel on 10 May 2010

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