June 14, 2004 in Uncategorized

Actual conversation that I just heard on ESPNRadio. Dan Patrick interviewing Vince Vaughn about Dodgeball.

Dan Patrick: “Do you suggest that we drink while we watch this movie?”

Vince Vaughn: “Uh, yeah….If you’re in Austin and you’re at the place where they serve the drinks, definitely…”

It’s an omen. We have to see this movie at Alamo.

5 Comments to Dodgeball

  1. vince vaughan = best ever. alamo drafthouse = awesome. dodgeball at alamo = quality…possibly epic.

  2. em on 14 June 2004
  3. I am in full agreement. We could invite Randy B.

  4. Bre on 14 June 2004
  5. Can he get us free drinks at Alamo? If not then what’s the point? ;)

  6. Mark on 14 June 2004
  7. um…the point is that his skin is like butter. and he knows what girls like. duh, mark.

  8. em on 14 June 2004
  9. oh.
    of course.

  10. Mark on 14 June 2004

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