Green Green Grass

June 1, 2004 in Uncategorized

“Why is the grass always greener on the other side? ‘Cause your lazy ass ain’t watering your lawn.”

Words to live by. Find yourself thinking about getting a new car? Maybe your current car needs a wash. Relationship not getting it done? Maybe you’re overdue for a romantic dinner.

Spending a couple days at “The Estate” this weekend really got me juiced to work on my own place. I swept, vaccummed, fixed the toilet, got a new coffee table for the low low price of a single Miller Lite, put up some artwork, and rearranged my room so my bed is in the middle. Very, very big kid. And for a while I was guessing very Feng Shui, because I slept like a baby Sunday night. For some reason my body never wants to sleep for more than 8 hours when I’m in my own bed, but Sunday night I put in a solid 9 and a half hour showing. But last night? Tossing and turning. I never believed in that Feng Shui crap anyways…

2 Comments to Green Green Grass

  1. oh yeah? well, feng shui doesn’t believe in YOU.

  2. eric on 1 June 2004
  3. oh yeah?!?! well, i don’t believe in… ur… crap. good one.

  4. Mark on 1 June 2004

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