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June 1, 2004 in Uncategorized

I can’t get Weezer – No One Else, out of head…

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  1. I want a girl who will laugh for no one else…
    when I’m a-way she puts her makeup on the shelf…
    when I’m a-way she never leaves the hou-use…
    I want a girl who laughs for no one else, no one e-e-else…
    My preferred stuck-in-the-head Weezer song is ‘Pink Triangle’:
    I’m dumb, she’s a lesbian, I thought I had fou-und the One…
    We were good as married in my mind, but married in my mind’s no good… (oh oh ohhh)
    pink triangle on her sleeve
    let me know the truth, let me kno-ow the truth.

  2. beth on 2 June 2004
  3. My favorite Weezer album is ‘Pinkerton’ and my favorite song to get stuck in my head is:
    “I don’t wanna be a old man anymore
    It’s been a year or two since I was out on the floor
    Shakin’ booty, makin’ sweet love all the night
    It’s time I got back to the Good Life
    It’s time I got back, it’s time I got back
    ‘n I don’t even know how I got off the track
    I wanna go back, yeah!”

  4. Jen on 2 June 2004
  5. Out of the “Blue” that song jumped into my brain yesterday morning and wouldn’t leave. Last night? I found my copy of the CD. Dope.

  6. Mark on 2 June 2004

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