Niiiine Times

June 15, 2004 in Uncategorized

I’m now in Day 9, wait, no Day 10 of my psudeo-diet. Zero Chipotle (which I’ve become majorly addicted to), zero Taco Shack (my newest addiction in training), and probably around 350g of fat knocked out of my diet since last Sunday. And I think I’m just a couple more “Spicy Chicken”s away from being a regular at the Zen down my street. I got a “You look familiar…” yesterday. But I still suck at using chopsticks…

If you’re an Austinite and still haven’t bought your ticket for the Dodgeball Extravaganza at Alamo Lake Creek on Thursday night, get on it. It’s gonna be dope…

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  1. Ticket: bought. Me: There. Rock: Out

  2. Bre on 15 June 2004
  3. i’m so in. because emily is awesome and bought me a ticket. i’m taking some little kids down in the game. will we be using the red rubber balls? sometimes those can really sting if thrown at high speeds.

  4. reagan on 15 June 2004
  5. interesting.
    chipotle bol: 630 cal. 12g fat.
    zen spicy chicken: 640 cal. 9g fat.
    good luck with the diet

  6. hawngry on 15 June 2004
  7. reagan: beauty! welcome back! can i grab your butt while you’re here? ;)
    jen: it’s only 12? are you serious? do you have any confirmation? i heard a burrito was around 45! the tortilla can’t be 33g. you gotta gimme the info girl. if it’s only 12 the diet ends tomorrow! :)

  8. Mark on 15 June 2004
  9. What kind of lady do you take me for?

  10. reagan on 16 June 2004
  11. my bad.

  12. Mark on 16 June 2004

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