July 15, 2004 in Uncategorized

My mom passed tonight. One hour and one day after her 63rd and one half birthday.

there are no words i could write to do this justice. no crazy pictures, or clever quotes, or poignant titles that could make anything i write worthwhile or appropriate. i was exposed to so many amazing people today. i’m not close to anyone that has lost a family member like this, and this is the closest person to me that has ever passed away. i didn’t know what to expect. i met total strangers today that made the experience so much better i still can’t believe it. utterly dumbstruck by it.

i’ll be out of town for a while. i’ll probably be back in austin in a couple weeks. thanks to those who have called or emailed. if anyone else feels like giving me a ring that’d be great. i’m not looking for condolences, or magic words to make me feel better—they don’t exist. it’s just nice hearing a familiar voice on the line.

night kiddies…