Ms. Fat Booty

July 28, 2004 in Uncategorized

Me and Catherine Zeta are now best friends. I pulled the trigger and signed up for T-Mobile on Monday. It’s hard to say no when they’ll pay you $150 ($99 phone – $100 T-Mobile rebate – $150 rebate = dope) for the honor of giving you a sweet camera phone. Can I tell you how giddy I am? This is the first geek toy I’ve treated myself to in god knows how long, so I’ve been checking just about every 3 minutes.
Today’s the last day for the deal, so if you’re interested, you should check it out…

5 Comments to Ms. Fat Booty

  1. I want $150.

  2. reagan on 28 July 2004
  3. That’s tight… wish I didn’t have this stupid contract with Sprint though… grrr contracts!

  4. dancepartydawn on 28 July 2004
  5. Isn’t it crazy? I really don’t understand how this makes sense, but I ain’t complainin’.

  6. Mark on 28 July 2004
  7. I’m totally hooking up with a sweet deal like that on a super-geeky, up-to-the-minitte phone when I get back. I love and miss my cell phone.
    It’s funny, I brought my old one with me, and even though I bought in in 2001, it’s huge, ugly and bizarre next to the tiny sleek ones of today.

  8. beth on 28 July 2004
  9. When are you coming back to us?
    I’ve been super loyal to my phone, but the love affair is over. Once you need a couple inches of duct tape just to make the vibrate work, it’s time to move on.

  10. Mark on 29 July 2004

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