Murder Mase

July 5, 2004 in Uncategorized

“Them days is over,” Mase says, as he catches a bit more than an eyeful of a pair of models. “They gotta put some clothes on,” he insists. His tone is, as usual, nonchalant, but his face is serious. “I want them to respect themselves. That’s why we doing this, to be of influence. I don’t want the young ladies with their shorts that short. I want the ladies to respect themselves. If I was her father, I wouldn’t want her with her shorts that short.

“No cheeks out on a Mase video set,” he adds, before pointing to his dimples. “Only these cheeks. We gonna teach the ladies they can still respect themselves and still be beautiful. That’s what’s up.”

Mase is back. Dope. As the leadoff hitter in Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems, easily the best rap song ever, it didn’t make sense when back in ’99 Mase announced he was retiring. It made even less sense we he said he was retiring to “follow God”, but it was true. Now he’s back and I just caught a piece of his video on BET. Supa dope.

Mase Is Officially Back; Bad Boy Family Feels New Energy

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  1. what if I respect my ‘cheeks’ and want my ‘cheeks out’? huh? huh? what then?
    …well, I guess I could go be in a Nelly video. but I doubt they’d want some pale-ass white girl (literally), even if they are just swiping credit cards… ahem.
    (you did hear about the Nelly video scandal, didn’t you? urgh.)

  2. beth on 5 July 2004

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