’86? That’s not that bad…

August 19, 2004 in Uncategorized

Red-eyes always seem like such a great idea. Much like flying on a plane with individual TV screens. I’ll be so efficient! I was going to watch TV today anyway. Now I can do it while I’m hurtling through the air at 600 mph! Red-eyes are the same argument, but on paper should be better, right? I can just sleep through the whole thing! It’ll be like futuristic travel! It’ll seem like it took an instant if I sleep through it! <sigh> I really have got to stop listening to myself.

There is always something that messes up a good red-eye. Whether it’s your body not thinking it’s time to go to bed yet, a bumpy flight, or the always fun screaming baby. But last night (or I guess I should say this morning…), I was attacked by the last thing I expected: Lindsay Lohan.

My god people, that girl is hot. I feel dirty saying that, but seriously—I would do naughty things to that girl. As I cruised past 4a Central Time, I didn’t find myself sleeping, but struggling to keep from laughing out loud at the surprisingly good Mean Girls, the movie on the LCD screen, depriving me from sleep. The flick was actually much better (and much longer) than I expected. Definitely check it out when it hits video.

7 Comments to ’86? That’s not that bad…

  1. I’m going to have to interject…but I hate Lindsay Lohan and Mean Girls wasn’t funny. Sorry, can we still be friends?

  2. reagan on 19 August 2004
  3. As long as you’re not mad when I make her mine, I think we’re sound as a pound.

  4. Mark on 19 August 2004
  5. Okay, *I* would do naughty things to Lindsay Lohan. She’s a hottie.

  6. beth on 19 August 2004
  7. Agreed that she is teh neW h0tness.
    However, it is a shame that she decided to augment herself at such an early age. Not that I’m looking for any discussion about augmentation, the psychology of it, or its negative effects on society. Unless you want to talk about cyborgs, that is. Cyborgs are totally sweet.

  8. Adam on 19 August 2004
  9. So is it true? Is she really….modified?

  10. Mark on 19 August 2004
  11. NO…. she just grew a pair late. Happens to lots of people. Trust me, I’ve read just about every interview with and article on her.

  12. beth on 20 August 2004
  13. My first reaction was “whew”. But then I remembered I still wouldn’t kick her out of bed :)

  14. Mark on 20 August 2004

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