August 30, 2004 in Uncategorized

So much to write about, but work has quite suddenly gotten extrememly busy, so it’ll have to wait. Past/Present/Future summary recap.

Julie was in town last week and we had a great time. It’s a amazing how much more “on” I am when I’m with her. Of course my body broke down after a week of hanging out on the speedboat, playing Texas Hold-em’ into the wee hours of the night multiple times, drinking into the wee hours of the night while playing Texas Hold-em’ into the wee hours of the night, and going to see the Lonestar Rollergils (yes Virignia, there is another women’s roller derby league in Austin) in a sauna that doubled as their arena, that doubled as a sketchy warehouse.

Work has picked up, and I’m suddenly super busy. There hasn’t been a plan created yet for the end of my “transitional” period, but hopefully I’ll find out soon. I saw Garden State last night and it has put me in a weird “place”. Consider yourself warned. My apologies for those for which this is after the fact. not really…

I turn 26 on Saturday. Need to plan something…

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  1. Happy Birthday…in case I forget ;)

  2. reagan on 30 August 2004
  3. :) thanks girl. just make sure you take advantage (pun intended) of bre and em. you’re stealing them for my birthday weekend…

  4. Mark on 30 August 2004
  5. Happy early birthday! Hope you have fun!!

  6. amanda on 2 September 2004

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