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I’ve been wanting to blog this story all day, but I can’t figure out what the heck I want to write about it. Read for yourself. Tell me what you think. True Love? Tragic? Completely Stupid?

Boyfriend of hospitalized judo champion throws self from same balcony

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  1. Over a game of solitaire? I’ve thrown myself off balcolny’s for less.

  2. reagan on 9 August 2004
  3. I….don’t know what to say. I want to feel sorry for these people, but it’s just so damn melodramatic it’s FUNNY. Judo champion? Greek people with long names? Hurling oneself off a balcony? “Leave me in my misery”? It smacks of the quirky, irreverent humor of John Henson or Jon Stewart, I’m telling you!

  4. Bre on 9 August 2004
  5. That’s what I’m thinking. I keep want to rip them in a post, but then I think about how rough it must be, and then I think “oh, you’re just being a wuss”, and then I think, “oh, shutup!”, and then i think, “don’t talk to me like that!”, and then i think, “do i have any meat to grill?”, and then i think, “ooo! a tape measure! let’s mesaure things!”.

  6. Mark on 9 August 2004
  7. oh no! i have no meat nor a grill to put meat on! woe is me! must…find…balcony…

  8. eric on 9 August 2004
  9. No meat? No grill? Have a good flight…

  10. Mark on 9 August 2004
  11. was it showdown solitaire? i would have thrown you off the balcony.

  12. julie on 10 August 2004
  13. In celebration of me beating you or you beating me? Either way I could see it happening…

  14. Mark on 10 August 2004
  15. Love and Stupidity go hand in hand.
    It’s hard to rip into the piece because I think there are times we’ve all been in that spot. Sure, we were probably 17 and ravaged by the untimely death of River Phoenix we contemplated jumping, but to each his own…

  16. jen on 10 August 2004

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