Movie of the (Last) Week – The Manchurian Candidate

August 17, 2004 in Of The Week

Yeah, I know this is late, but I can’t leave Den-Den (Denzel Washington, to those of you who aren’t as tight with him as I am…) hanging. Went to see it with Bre and Melissa weekend before last, and embarassingly found myself actually talking at the screen I got so worked up. Yes, I actually said “Run!”, as if Den-Den might look out onto the audience and say, “Good lookin’ out Mark. I’m gone, suckas!”

So go see it. It’s really good. One down, about a billion more movies I gotta see…

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  1. When I went to see “Fear” in high school, this woman at one point screamed out “Why he running into the woods??!!” It was a question we were all asking ourselves, but only she had the balls to yell out loud. Funny. as. hell.

  2. reagan on 17 August 2004
  3. I liked the fact that the pacing was similar to the original movie, in that it wasn’t influenced by the MTV generation style of quick cuts and constant plot development. The slow, brooding drive really helped to heighten the atmosphere.
    If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend Collateral. Jamie Foxx is awesome, and Tom Cruise turns in a good performance that’s a bit out of character for him. I wish Michael Mann could direct every summer action flick.

  4. Adam on 17 August 2004
  5. That’s _so_ good to hear. From the trailers, it has so much potential (like Garden State), but I was afraid it might just fall flat. And Jamie Foxx is so underrated, it’s cool to see him get quality roles like this…

  6. Mark on 17 August 2004
  7. Mmmm. I love me some Denzel. No offense, but that man is eye candy. …and I’m sure the movie’s good too.

  8. beth on 18 August 2004
  9. Howdy Mark.
    I happened upon your blog when corbett exported all his sharpreader entries and had a lot of fun reading about your problems. j/k. Anyway, I wanted to ask if you’ve seen the original? I really liked TMC, both this new version and the old one, and the new movie has a clever homage to the original in a variety of ways… plus seeing Sinatra in a non-singing role is always fun.

  10. Nick (Nguyen) on 19 August 2004
  11. Hey, what up Nick? I find myself running into your blog occasionally too… No, I haven’t seen the first one, but I keep hearing from people that I gotsta check it out.

  12. Mark on 19 August 2004
  13. Netflix, my man. If you don’t have it, you gotta get it.

  14. Nick on 25 August 2004
  15. I can’t rationalize it–I’ve never been big on just popping in a movie, and sitting to watch it. Plus, Tivo destroying my attention span doesn’t help either…

  16. Mark on 25 August 2004

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