August 15, 2004 in Uncategorized

That’s the noise I made when I woke up this morning. 40 minutes after my flight to Seattle left. Crap. Not a good way to start a trip. Me and the new phone are so in a fight.

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  1. suck… hope you caught another flight!

  2. dancepartydawn on 15 August 2004
  3. yeah, it blew. mr. mark got a cozy middle seat for the 4 hour flight. but i’m here now so it’s all good. time for a road trip to portland… :)

  4. Mark on 15 August 2004
  5. seattle? portland? what’s going on? and can you make a stop to shop for our new yacht?

  6. chairman on 16 August 2004
  7. Dude! How long are you going to be out here? If you have any free time, you should totally give me a call. I can’t seem to find an address to send you an email, so hopefully you’ll catch this comment.

  8. Adam on 17 August 2004
  9. Dude, I’m out here for work. I flew in a day early cause it was cheaper then flying in on Monday, so I drove down to Portland to check it out. It was pretty cool, but maybe too small, and too homogeneous.

  10. Mark on 17 August 2004
  11. what the? I just got your voice mail last night!!! YOU’RE NOT IN PORTLAND ANYMORE?!?!?!?
    i’m sorry i missed ya, but I hope you had a great time!!!

  12. lee on 18 August 2004
  13. Yeah, it was _extremely_ quick. I was just there for a few hours with Ali. I’ll give you a call soon–I owe you one :)

  14. Mark on 19 August 2004

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