August 2, 2004 in Uncategorized

Very timid, yet scattered weekend. Not too much going on. In homage to the weekend, here’s a very timid, yet scattered post…with not much going on.

  • The new phone is very sexy, but complicated. I’m already missing the old one.
  • I had my first dream about Mom last night.
  • Paris and Nick Carter broke up—please, a moment of silence.
  • I rode on a Dillo with a racially insensitive bus driver Friday night.
  • Looking at Lau’s pictures really makes me want to take time off and travel.
  • The Amazing Race is my new TV obsession. It should be yours too.
  • I’ve had the same lifeplan for about 3 days straight—this one might be a keeper.

2 Comments to Scattered

  1. What’s the new life plan? I need one, maybe I can borrow yours.

  2. reagan on 2 August 2004
  3. no way. supa top secret. if i even repeat it, i’ll jinx it. unfortunately, i’m dependant on some things falling the right way…

  4. Mark on 2 August 2004

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