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September 7, 2004 in Uncategorized

Oh my. Yes, having a birthday week is utter genius, but man, is it hard.

Friday: Rudy’s and a bottle of Shiner Light for lunch. I’ve said it before, but having a lone beer at lunch is seriously underrated. Texas Hold-em’ for two hours, and burgers at Casino el Camino late-night.
Saturday: A few big beers and a few big shots at Buffalo. Hung out with Laura, Laura’s boyfriend, Laura’s boyfriend’s father, Laura’s boyfriend’s father’s best friend, Laura’s boyfriend’s father’s best friend’s son, Laura’s boyfriend’s father’s best friend’s son’s friend, and … Adam. Closed the night with a few hours of dancing upstairs at Orbit lounge.
Sunday: BBQ at Kennedy’s with the tastiest burgers I’ve ever had, and then drinks & dancing at Oslo.
Monday: Pong (not Beirut! There’s a difference!) at KVM’s fancy place yesterday.

Tally: 3 trips to Chipotle, 2 trips to Zen, 1 Librarian Action Figure (with real shushing action!), more introductions to people named “KATIE”, countless beers, a successfully hijacked blog, two(!) comments by Kelly Tsai (which puts me only 2 degrees away from Mos Def, bitches!), and two great night’s sleeps in a row. Schedule for the rest of the week, including the closing ceremonies at Saba this Friday, to be announced this afternoon.

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  1. Sounds like you’re having a blast…I can’t wait for my birthday week. That’s right…I’m going to copy the hell out of you. Might even hijack Bre’s blog that week, just for kicks.

  2. reagan on 7 September 2004

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