Sorry, I Was Too Busy Being Lazy

September 29, 2004 in Uncategorized

Seeing as I spend most weekend nights pretending I’m much younger than I actually am, it only seemed fitting to spend my morning yesterday pretending I’m a senior citizen.

I strolled in to Austin Diner (my favorite brunch in town) a little before 11a, ordered without needing to see the menu, stepped out to buy a paper with the two quarters I set aside before leaving home, and lazily read the paper.

’twas glorious.

A found a couple interesting articles as I peered over the bifocals resting on my nose…

Gymnast Hamm fights to keep all-around gold medal
The nightmare continues for Paul Hamm. He spent 11½ hours in court Monday fighting to keep his gold medal. I’m sure that has got to be more fun than being on a Wheaties box.

Travis County voters registering in record numbers (free subscription required)
Man, this gets me juiced. Seems like every day, there’s another poll coming out saying that Bush is ahead in the polls. I don’t personally know a single person out there that is voting for Bush. Kinda like people who prefer Leno to Letterman and Conan. I know those people are out there, but who the heck are you? What is wrong with you people? But there is good news in Travis County:

With five weeks to go before the presidential election, Travis County residents are registering to vote in record numbers.

Since Sept. 1, the county tax office has received 29,865 voter registration applications, a 64 percent jump from the 18,207 received during the same period in September 2000.”

But Dolores Lopez, director of voter registration for the Travis County tax office, suspects younger people are behind the pumped-up registration numbers.

“I suspect it’s them, just from the people coming into our office,” she said. “A lot of our volunteer deputy registrars who are out registering at events are young people.”

Many young adults might have studied the controversial 2000 election and decided to get involved this year, Lopez said.

“I’m not used to seeing so many young people in our office,” Lopez said.

There might be some hope yet…

3 Comments to Sorry, I Was Too Busy Being Lazy

  1. Yay! Autin Dinner is super yum.
    And thank whoever that the youngin’s are gettting out there to vote!

  2. amanda on 29 September 2004
  3. austin diner is sooooo yum. i’m perfecting this old man thing too. substituted fruit for bacon, saved my hard-earned 4 bits and grabbed some newspaper remnants, and i think i’m about two brunches away from being an official regular.
    not too hard when there’s nobody else in there…

  4. Mark on 29 September 2004
  5. man i envy you… if only i had that kinda time these days… but alas, this is the life i have chosen for myself.
    congrats btw, sorry everyone but me was so lame this past weekend and you didn’t get to go out and celebrate – we better be doing something this weekend though, especially if bethy’s in town!

  6. dancepartydawn on 29 September 2004

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