This Guy? Or That Guy?

September 30, 2004 in Uncategorized

In more of my pretending to be a big kid phase, I’m having people over for the first presidential debate tonight. Seeing as it isn’t a stirring debate between two upstanding “men of the people”, but instead a mind-numbing press conference between two craptastic candidates, I’m thinking we need to drown out our sorrow as we watch.

Only problem is I can’t find any good sets of instructions. Any suggestions for rules?

Here are some of the good ones I’ve found so far:

  • If Kerry exceeds the time limit for any response, take a drink.
  • Every time President Bush says the word “safer,” take a drink. If he uses the word “democracy” in the same sentence, make it a double!
  • Any previously recorded Bushism, like “misunderestimate” or “subliminable,” used by the president during the debate requires one drink.

3 Comments to This Guy? Or That Guy?

  1. setting up these rules is a far more difficult and important task than you might think. don’t take it too lightly.
    this one time a few friends and i were watching x-men. we had to drink every time someone in the movie used their mutant powers. talk about misunderestimating…

  2. chairman on 30 September 2004
  3. we’re having a debate party too!!!
    some good drinking rules were set by Mister Dan in the comments section for the debate post.
    I’m going the easy route.
    I’m drinking everytime Bush says something stupid.
    And I’ll be trashed within 5 minutes.

  4. jen on 30 September 2004
  5. c: oooo. that makes me think twice about drinking on every bush-ism like “nukeular”.
    j: it’s like we’re the same person! trashed in 5 minutes? maybe we should drink on every nukeular…

  6. Mark on 30 September 2004

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