1 Week Down

October 4, 2004 in Uncategorized

Well, it’s Monday again, and it has finally sunk in that I’m unemployed. Pretty strange feeling really. I’ve worked pretty hard for the past 4 years and it’s great to remove the constant, lingering stress of work. There is something quite liberating about being able to work from anywhere at anytime, but it can also be pretty oppresive. Enough of that though…I ain’t got no job bitches!

I’ll probably be heading out of town in mid-Novemeber, so I figure I have about six weeks left in Austin. Six weeks to finish up house stuff, chill out and recharge the batteries. Thanks to the Chairman, I’ll have modest accomodations, giving me ample time to…chill out and recharge the batteries.

Less than 36 hours ’till the next debate people. We have the VPs tomorrow at 8p Central, and then the Presidential Candidates on Friday(!) at 8p, possibly acting as some sick and twisted “happy” hour. Oh yeah, and I’m back on the no-Chipotle diet starting now. No, wait…..now!

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