Haiku Friday

October 22, 2004 in Uncategorized

Hey kids, a new installment at markphillip.com: Haiku Friday. I encourage you to join in as well. Ahem.

My lawn has bald spots.
And my chest has bald spots too.
That is kinda weird.

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  1. WHY is that so FUNNY??

  2. Bre on 22 October 2004
  3. today is unfair
    Rilo Kiley, Echo Base and
    Kan’Nal in chorus
    i’ve made a promise
    to my new roommate named Pete
    Echo Base, the Ritz
    ‘k I’m not so good at these, but whatever. whoever isn’t going to Rilo Kiley tonight i suggest you either head to the Ritz for EchoBase Soundsystem and some dub-Reggae or to The Parish for Govinda and Kan’Nal for some… well, not quite sure how they are defined… I’ll be at both if I can.

  4. dancepartydawn on 22 October 2004
  5. I’m so pathetic
    Cuz it is Saturday night
    What do I do? this.

  6. :P on 23 October 2004
  7. You get leniancy when your days off are Tuesdays and Wednesdays…

  8. Mark on 24 October 2004

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