I Love You Jon

October 18, 2004 in Uncategorized

Just saw this on Shad’s blog. How often do you get to see Jon Stewart call a guy in a bowtie a “dick” on Live TV? Glorious.

Jon Stewart on Crossfire

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  1. Oh. My. God. He is so yummy. Who am I kidding on my blog? He is still SO my #1 crush.
    Of all my celebrity crushes, I think that, honestly, Jon Stewart is the one that LTJ should really look out for. Because I really think that I would run away with him, if he asked. I really do.

  2. Bre on 18 October 2004
  3. I just downloaded it so I can watch it again and again. On Boing Boing they’re saying that more people have now downloaded this than watched it live. Sweet.

  4. Shad Reynolds on 18 October 2004

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