Oh, Hey!

October 18, 2004 in Uncategorized

Hey, Boston! Thanks for joining us!

After shot after shot of Red Sox fans with their heads buried in their hands, I actually found myself wishing that the Yankees would find a way to blow the Game 4. If we were to sweep, could I find anything to write about? Jeez, I’d feel guilty. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. This was supposed to be a great series—not one that needed a Red Sox miracle just to avoid a sweep. Ah well. We’ll finish it up tomorrow. Now we just need the Houston Astros to keep it going so maybe I can get myself to a World Series game. My feelings about the city of Houston? More on that soon…

4 Comments to Oh, Hey!

  1. i was surfing during the majority of game 3. i came out of the water and turned on the radio in the 9th.
    19 runs? 19??!??! nineteen?!!??!
    so filled with hate…

  2. chairman on 18 October 2004
  3. When I saw it was 13-6 I almost fell over. 19? Ridiculous.

  4. Mark on 18 October 2004
  5. and when i say hate, i mean it. and it’s no longer only focused on those baby-eating yankees or their children-kicking fans. i hate the redsox now, too, ’cause they make me cry.

  6. chairman on 18 October 2004
  7. congrats, cause that officially makes you a red sox fan. the sox and the cubs are the only teams that make their own fans literally cry.

  8. Mark on 18 October 2004

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