Rollergirl Emergency!

October 24, 2004 in Uncategorized

Okay kids, the Texas Rollergirl Championship match is today. Big news, yes. But even bigger news is that MTV and ESPN2 are gonna be there too, filming a documentary! Aaaaaaahh! I feel like I should make some stupid sign like: … I can’t think of anything—I just woke up. But you know, those stupid signs with the letters of ESPN spelling out some stupid phrase? Oh my goodness, it’s gonna be awesome. Doors at 6:30p. Snacks and drinks at 5p at my place, and we’ll carpool over.

5 Comments to Rollergirl Emergency!

  1. tell me how it was… boo hoo, work all day, study/pack all night for me….

  2. dancepartydawn on 24 October 2004
  3. How was it? As exciting as you had anticipated?

  4. reagan on 25 October 2004
  5. It was pretty awesome. The Heartbreakers won (of course), but DinahMite was even more unstoppable than usual. I also tried to walk past the camera during interviews, so I’ll see if I get my Texas Rollergirl koozie holding, Lonestar Beer drinking mug on TV.

  6. Mark on 25 October 2004
  7. Wooh! How come you knew that.. and I didn’t? …Im a Hotrod Honey Rollergirl. Calculus is rotting my brain I think- Pixie Tourette

  8. Pixie Tourette on 4 November 2004
  9. Hey Pixie, I actually heard it from another Rollergirl. I won’t name names in case she wasn’t supposed to let that out… :)

  10. Mark on 4 November 2004

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