You Get What You Pay For

October 26, 2004 in Uncategorized

Expensive paint sprayer? Sounds great. High on the “Guys Love Power Tools” scale? Check. Easy on the “Can I Rationalize Spending This Much on a Power Tool” scale? Absolutely. More fun than watching Ashlee Simpson’s SNL debacle? Without a doubt. “So go for it, Mark” I thought. Try not to be frugal for once and get the big boy tool. I’m such a freakin genius.

Absolute disaster. I didn’t spray the paint right (and you can tell), the color I chose looks horrible, and there is paint everywhere. And if you see me looking a little green in the face, it’s BECAUSE I’M ACTUALLY GREEN IN THE FACE!

So yeah. I’m going paint shopping today. Again.

4 Comments to You Get What You Pay For

  1. Ahh, a boy and a paint gun. Now there’s something to dream about…
    You funny.
    Good luck with round 2!

  2. amanda on 26 October 2004
  3. Wow, guess I won’t be borrowing your sprayer then, eh? Did it just not work the way you thought it would or what?

  4. Shad on 26 October 2004
  5. Yeah, in hindsight it was pretty funny. It worked great, I’d just chalk it up to inexperience. The instruction manual is _horrendous_, but round two should be a lot better. The most important thing is you have tape everything, everything, everything that you don’t want paint on, no matter how out of the line of fire it seems.

  6. Mark on 26 October 2004
  7. i stick with the kiss principle. if it requires an instruction manual, it’s probably too much work.

  8. mas on 26 October 2004

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