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“A transmission error in the battleground state of Ohio gave President George W. Bush almost 4,000 phantom votes in the preliminary results posted online, the Secretary of State’s office in Ohio acknowledged on Friday.”

More e-voting glitches surface

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  1. I’ve been reading stuff about voting machine glitches and numbers that don’t add up, etc etc. I hope to GOD the media catches on and DOES something about it. I mean, Jeebus H. Christ, 4 more years – it’s just too effing crazy to be true.
    Then again, what can be done at this point?

  2. Bre on 8 November 2004
  3. Actually, a lot can be done. Nothing is official until Dec. 13 when the Electoral College votes. Concession speeches don’t mean anything–they’re not binding.
    However unprecedented it may be, if something is found by December 12th, something can definitely happen.

  4. Mark on 8 November 2004

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