November 12, 2004 in Uncategorized

And that wraps up another exciting week at! Yeah, I’ve been phoning it in this week—I know. But I have good reasons, promise.

  • My back has been jacked since Saturday (but I think I should be finally in decent shape today).
  • I’ve been playing so much Halo 2 I feel like I have hair again am back in college. (Halo 2 rakes in $125M opening day)
  • And I got two unsolicited job offers, so I think that allows me to take it easy, bitches.

It’s Friday, so it’s haiku time. As always, feel free to join in. This week’s is dedicated to our dear friend Adam, knocking down the doors to the big 30 on Saturday:

his nickname is flash
don’t you think that’s really weird?
yeah. yeah, i do too.

6 Comments to Motions

  1. Hey, what time is the party Saturday so I can drive in? and is it still a potluck? and is it still at Katie’s?

  2. beth on 12 November 2004
  3. Still it Katie’s. No, I think it’s just a generic beer/liquor sorta thing.

  4. Mark on 12 November 2004
  5. Well, supposedly it’s a potluck. That’s what Adam’s email said. Bring a casserole or just a snacky snack – it’s up to you! Also, it starts at 8pm.

  6. Bre on 12 November 2004
  7. huh? potluck? email? huh?

  8. Mark on 12 November 2004
  9. Yeahhhhh, you’re not on The List. How many times have we told you to get on The List? If you’re not on The List, you don’t know ANYTHING about ANYTHING.

  10. Bre on 12 November 2004
  11. what the F is the List?
    well, Adam invited me personally on election night, so I assume I’m invited….
    …me AND my chocolate cake!!

  12. beth on 12 November 2004

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