Pass The Clip…

November 3, 2004 in Uncategorized

If you listen closely, you can hear him…

“You didn’t vote motherfucker!” Bang! Bang! Bang!

I’m sure P. Diddy is quite busy this morning killing people all over the country.

So here we are. It’s Wednesday. And even though it’s still being contended, W. will be our President. Again. Again.

It was supposed to be the year of the youth vote, but it wasn’t. was the first to report that Kerry was going to win, but he didn’t. Instead there are 50 million absolute idiots out there (yes, idiots), that decided that we need more of the status quo. I’m pissed. I should give P. Diddy a call.

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  1. I can’t believe it… Mark you really did jinx this mess!
    And the Kids?!? Did they not count all the early voters or something… there had to be tons of “youth” out there voting this year… everyone was just so… tired of Bush. I mean, I don’t really blame Texas youth… this state is like so Republican it hurts, but come ‘on.
    I am especially mad because so many people forget that we could easily loose our vote or how much certain groups that don’t fit into the the white supremist patriachal (thanks bell hooks) notion of what is “right.”
    When I’m sick, I’m emotiona, and I saw some of Oprah today. There was a black woman on in her mid-40’s that said she had never voted and wouldn’t care if they took that privlege away. She voted this time and she was so happy when she did she cried. Oprah told her some sad story about a man who got turned away from 2 polling places “back in the day” after having walked a total of 18 miles… I wanted to cry. I wanted beat myself up for being so selfish and immature and for not doing something more.

  2. dancepartydawn on 3 November 2004

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