Pei Wei? Oh Yay!

November 10, 2004 in Uncategorized

“Pei Wei? Oh Yay!”? Seriously people. I’m a literary genius.

Got a little crew together and hit the batting cages, movie, food trifecta yesterday. I don’t have a job—it really is my civic duty to encourage people to leave work early. Pei Wei diagnosis? Yummy. I highly reccomend it. It’s like P.F. Chang’s, but cheaper, faster…stronger!

Batting Cages, and The Incredibles was fun, but I think I strained my back this weekend (please, no old jokes), so other than the occasional searing pain, I had a good time. I think I’m gonna go buy a heat pack.

5 Comments to Pei Wei? Oh Yay!

  1. Yummmm! I can’t wait to try it. thanks for the tip!

  2. amanda on 10 November 2004
  3. thanks for the phone call you bastards

  4. em on 10 November 2004
  5. Let the record show that I went again for lunch today. It’s no one-hit wonder. I highly reccomend the Kung Pao and the Spicy Chicken.
    em: Since when are you into the batting cages?

  6. Mark on 10 November 2004
  7. Em, you also don’t get off work until six. Those of us who are slackers/unemployed can leave work, say, around 4pm.

  8. Bre on 11 November 2004
  9. Not that unemployed people would leave work. Because, you know, they don’t work.

  10. Bre on 11 November 2004

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