That’s It

November 2, 2004 in Uncategorized

Okay people. I’m calling it. John Kerry is going to be our next President. No, that’s not just wishful thinking, and no, I haven’t started drinking already (even though, that’s not a bad idea…).

Look people, I don’t have a job! All I do is watch the news and browse the web. And after careful consideration, Kerry is going to pull it off tonight. You heard it here first.

4 Comments to That’s It

  1. Mark, please don’t jinx it.
    you called the Yankees in 5, too =)

  2. leia on 2 November 2004
  3. we are _so_ in a fight.

  4. Mark on 2 November 2004
  5. oh YEAH we ARE!!! =)
    you and your jinxing ways…

  6. leia on 3 November 2004
  7. looks like your track record is questionable. yankees and now kerry?

  8. jenalenadingdong on 3 November 2004

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