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Being able to register a domain and host a new site for only six bucks is dangerous—we all know how well tivofortony went. I was a little bored this weekend so…

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  1. tivofortony failed because of its lack of girls on rollerskates.
    plain and simple.
    you can’t really blame tivo.
    nor can you blame tony.
    no, that’s not true.
    you can blame tony.
    he’s lame.

  2. chairman on 8 November 2004
  3. just curious as to why you registered that domain….got a think for rollergirls?

  4. Michelle on 13 January 2005
  5. Yeah, I do have a thing for the rollergirls–I’m a big fan. I also think that a central website is critical for the growth of rollergils leagues across the country. There is a limit to which any on league can get the word out by itself. But, if they’re all working together, then they can really get something going.
    Yeah, the current website doesn’t really do much of anything, but I was hoping it would light a spark…

  6. Mark on 14 January 2005
  7. Cool…what are you thinking you’ll do with the site? Just informative…”here’s where to find your local roller derby league” type of thing or more or just bored one night and now you’ve tied up a pretty good domain name our United Leagues Association could have used (hahahahahahaha)? So, are you a constant fixture at the local bouts…Austin, I assume? Did you catch our Texas Rollergirls taking on Phoenix and Tucson…hard to believe we’ve finally gotten that far. Damn, girls, are mighty impressive…no end to what they can accomplish if they have the desire…

  8. Michelle on 17 January 2005

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