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December 28, 2004 in Uncategorized

Hey Austinites, looks like Southwest is going to finally try and kill the stupid Wright Amendment. If it goes through, DFW will be forced to match the cheap fares Southwest will start to offer at Dallas-Love. Houston will be forced to match DFW’s fares, trickling down to cheaper fares in the ridiculous over-priced Austin market.

On an unrelated (and seemingly contradictory) note, I’ve found fares from Austin to Honolulu next month for $360. Just fyi for anyone interested in visiting…

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  1. the stories i could tell…
    it’s about @#%&!! time.

  2. mas on 29 December 2004
  3. Isn’t it though? There was a great piece on it on NPR yesterday. The best part was hearing the angry folks that own DFW and the hihgh-ups at American Airlines that sounded so insulted that Southwest wouldn’t just come over and join their party. Instead of actually being smart, and (egads!) profitable.

  4. Mark on 29 December 2004

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