My Kingdom For A Sports Bar

December 25, 2004 in Uncategorized

Merry Christmas everybody.

So the plan of being at a sports bar, sitting on a bar stool, watching a huge plasma TV, and using wireless internet didn’t exactly pan out. Ended up with in Ali’s neighbors apartment, sitting on a futon, contorting the antenna trying to get a good reception, stealing wireless internet from someone who named their wireless rotuer GhettoBird.

But through the snow on the TV I was able to watch (I think) a great game today as Kobe v. Shaq I, went down. Great game, and Kobe lost, so it was extra good.

Didn’t get too much work done on my application, but Fox Sports Grill should be open tomorrow, so hopefully I can plop down there and get some good work done. We’ll see.

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