Happy New Year

January 1, 2005 in Uncategorized

Happy New Year kids. I hope everyone had a fun and safe celebration. I got here safely, none of my luggage boxes feel apart, had a fun night tonight, and I’m about to sleep like it’s my job. Thanks to the Hilton across the street, I’m getting free wireless, so you’ll be hearing from me tomorrow. Try to contain yourself.

3 Comments to Happy New Year

  1. hey! did you get your application in? can we see it? miss ya!

  2. em on 4 January 2005
  3. So, by the phrase, “you’ll be hearing from me tomorrow” you meant…”screw you guys I’m lounging on the frickin’ beach!”?

  4. Bre on 4 January 2005
  5. Can you believe I haven’t even been to the beach yet? Just pacing myself. Em, I’ll send you a copy.

  6. Mark on 6 January 2005

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