If You Like Me Like Me, Check This Box

January 20, 2005 in Uncategorized

So Katie got here Wednesday.

:) Awesome.

..and I made the lei on her head. Double Awesome.

I finally got a new cable for my camera—I’ll catch up soon, and start posting some pictures…

Also, things aren’t looking so good for wk12. I haven’t heard anything back from them, and the next round is in just a week and a half. Pretty big bummer. Really, really big bummer. I’m gonna give them a call tomorrow, like a middle schooler asking his crush to the dance. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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  1. Hey Katie!!!!!!! you look awesome!
    Mark: F jobs. Why don’t I just whore myself out and you can be my pimp? That would solve both of our employment problems.
    Except for that “illegality” thing…. oh, and the moral stuff. But whatever.

  2. beth on 21 January 2005
  3. no job a bad thing? dude, seriously, go watch blue crush. THAT can be YOU. except for the whole blonde chick thing.

  4. chairman on 21 January 2005
  5. pimping does sound much more stable. after i’m a rockstar on the pro surfing tour, i’ll come back and we can see what we can get started.

  6. Mark on 21 January 2005
  7. Mark, I am Shad’s Mom. This is the only way I knew to get in contact with Katie. Please tell her if she needs to get in contact with me about the house, my “grand-kitties” or anything, to please not hesitate to do so. I do not have an email address or phone number for her. By the way, what a cute picture of her. She is really a sweet girl. I enjoyed our time with her at Thanksgiving. Sorry you were out of town. My numbers are:
    540-483-xxxx home
    540-420-xxxx cell
    Thanks, JeRena Handy

  8. JeRena on 23 January 2005
  9. I win. Yes, I win people. I am the first person I know to have a mother other than my own post on my blog. I’m not sure what I win, but I think I win something.
    JaRena, I passed along the message, so Katie has the numbers now. And the sweet thing? Total act. :)

  10. Mark on 23 January 2005

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