Real World: Austin

January 12, 2005 in Uncategorized

I may be the last person in the world to hear about this but…

‘Real World’ headed to Austin

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  1. I hate to tell you this, Mark, but you are literally the last person on earth to hear about this. I am already eagerly anticipating running into these douchebags on 6th St. (can you sense my sarcasm from that far away?). Hopefully, they (and their camera crew) will leave Red River well alone.

  2. em on 12 January 2005
  3. Yes, you are the last person. Totally.
    I think that douchebag Bobby Bones disclosed where The Cast will be living on the radio this morning, but sadly, I had to get out of my car at that precise moment.
    I love the word “douchebag.” Nothing says “Insult!” like a feminine hygiene product.

  4. Bre on 13 January 2005
  5. I lived in Boston when the RW cast was filming.
    Dude, we hated them.
    Egg the house, bithces!!!
    This RW phenom is so overdone now. Why do they keep doing this?

  6. jen on 13 January 2005
  7. See what happens when you move? Out of the loop!
    I guess you can count yourself lucky that your favorite bars won’t be swamped by these idiots.

  8. amanda on 13 January 2005
  9. Yeah, that’s what I figured… :)

  10. Mark on 13 January 2005
  11. I think it’s funny that the RW obsession has caused people to resort to such acts as “egging the house” and bitchin’ about what bar/club they are going to. Seriously, we are one of the most laid back cities, or so I thought we were until I began reading message boards such as yours and hearing all the complaining. You must not be “native Austinites.” Welcome to our town! Oh, and to our little friend who loves the word “douchebag,” I perfer “fucktard!” It’s straight to the point. Calling someone a “douchebag” is like telling someone that Red Fez is “rad,” the insult has lost its meaning. Get over it guys and gals, Bobby Bones did what you wanted to do, and found the house. You should that him for that. Do something good with your eggs and send them to the tsunami hit areas, or make a homeless man some breakfast. You’ll feel ten time better of yourself for doing that instead of throwing it at a house for one hour of selfish pride that honestly, when you tell us that you did it, we will say “that’s funny” and not care from that point on. Get over it guys and gals, didn’t mean to spoil the “complaint blog” but sometimes we just bitch about stupid shit just to bitch. Don’t worry Mark, you weren’t the last person to know, you just had better things to do with your time.

  12. Jack on 17 January 2005

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