Chicks Dig Pink Scooters

February 3, 2005 in Uncategorized

I’ve had a post running through my head for a few hours now. I’ve started playing pickup frisbee two times a week, and today, three days of clouds and rain finally broke during our game. It was unbelievable. The sun was setting, we were just one hard throw from the ocean, and you could see a full rainbow on the background of enormous orange clouds. Beautiful. Post practically writes itself.

I’ve been quite good about working on my startup idea this week. I’m in the middle of putting in a good couple hours with my back to my open window. I peek out for a bit and notice what seems at first to be a bird, but then I realize is probably just some tissue paper, floating in the air a good 25 stories up. It danced around, dipped and floated, like that cheesy fake feather at the end of Forrest Gump.

As I watched it I thought, “Wow, I could totally work this into the ‘Beautiful’ post.” I took a break from “work” for a bit, impressed as it showed enough stamina to make Wilt blush. It made a right turn, climbed some more, and headed down the block. It paused for a bit before disappearing behind a building.

“Hm, I wonder how many other people are watching this right now. It’s kinda like that stupid, ‘I wonder how many people out there are looking at these stars right now…’ line I used to spew out at CTY (nerd camp) back in 8th grade. That was just to get chicks though. Ooo, yeah that’d be great to put in the post. Well, it wasn’t really chicks, just that Debbie girl, but I’ll say chicks. Chicks is funnier. Man, I had a crush on that girl. I wonder whatever happened to her?”

I turn back around and Google her full name. Second result from my best friend Google? A 26-year-old Deborah Bohot, hailing from Austin, Texas, ran in the RunTex 30K week before last. But it’s a pretty common name right? Yeah. I thought so too.

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  1. pink scooters… girls… huh? your titles always confuse me. anyhow, just wanted to say that i deleted my blog today…. yes really it is gone, no more. i’ll be reading up on my web design skills in the meantime in hopes of starting up a real site – one i can use for more than just an outlet for my personal views. till then, i wanted to use this for one last quick post (or semi-post)… check out – there is a great art exhibit benefiting Austin AIDS Emergency Fund this Saturday the 12th. wish you could come… but we all know how much fun you are having with pinky and all, we wouldn’t want to make you jealous… so… ummm… ya.

  2. dancepartydawn on 7 February 2005
  3. well that makes a lot of sense. i was wondering why I couldn’t get to your blog. let us know when you rejoin us… yeah, i think i’m gonna have to pass on the at exhibit, but the invite’s appreciated.

  4. Mark on 8 February 2005
  5. ya… but i wanted to let people know about the art exhibit and had no outlet… thanks :-)
    got any good suggestions for reading material or web sites where i can learn about web design? email me.

  6. dancepartydawn on 8 February 2005
  7. Web design or web development?
    I don’t visit any web design sites, but I’m sure they’re out there. If it’s the latter, then check out–they have some pretty good tutorials.

  8. Mark on 8 February 2005

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