My Heart Melts

February 14, 2005 in Uncategorized

For those who don’t know my deal, I essentially live in a hotel. There’s no maid, and I can’t order room service or anything, but there’s an elevator that you need a keycard to use, and that same card gets you into your room. Feels pretty secure—I rarely see anyone on my floor, let alone people who shouldn’t be there.

Last week, I came home to find a flyer slid underneath my door. Not a huge deal—get them every once in a while from management letting us know that the water will be shut off for a couple hours, or the window washers are coming soon, so quit walking around your apartment naked. This flyer, however, was different. It was from the little cafe in the lobby, next to the mailboxes. It’s no, but for some reason I find it drop-dead hilarious.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody.

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