We’re So Whimsical!

March 2, 2005 in Uncategorized

“I think President Bush would love to grab a beer with us,” said Damon, perhaps unaware that Bush doesn’t drink. “We

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  1. Hunting for pheasant is soooo passe.

  2. Bre on 2 March 2005
  3. Seriously. I haven’t hunted for pheasant in years.

  4. Mark on 2 March 2005
  5. now I can’t say I approve of his Bushie-mongering ways… but “got lucky”??!?!
    oh, mark. so sad. sooooo bitter =)

  6. leia on 2 March 2005
  7. You bet your ass I’m bitter!!!

  8. Mark on 2 March 2005
  9. Wait, what does that mean?

  10. Mark on 2 March 2005
  11. heh.
    I shouldn’t clarify, b/c I am scared you will ban me for being a happy redsox fan, but…
    historic 4-game ASS-WHUPPIN does NOT equal “luck”.
    i kid b/c i love, my friend =)

  12. leia on 2 March 2005

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