Billy Don’t Be A Hero

April 30, 2005 in Uncategorized

It’s quite amazing the amount of wireless coverage there is in Austin. I’m pretty much a bus whore at this point, and have found myself on many a street corner waiting for a John to pick me up in his bus. Honestly, at no less than 75% of these places have I been able to whip out the laptop and get online. Pretty cool.

Right now, I’m at Billy’s on my Burnet…drum roll please…my favorite bar in Austin.

You heard me right people! I’m here with Beebe having some food and beer, and enjoying the Mavs/Rockets playoff game. Kids, we have to hang out here. About 20 beers on tap, darts, pool table, nice deck outside, and some tasty food. Gold, baby. Gold.

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  1. geek.

  2. rlo on 1 May 2005
  3. “whip out my laptop and get online” sounds like a geek euphemism to me, if you knowwhutimean.
    I could walk to Billy’s. We need to find more bars I can walk to.

  4. Bre on 2 May 2005
  5. r: Richard?
    b: no no no. that’s pronounced ‘whip out my hard drive…and by hard drive, i mean my penis.’

  6. Mark on 2 May 2005
  7. I have been going to Billy’s about every Monday night for the last few months. Billy’s is great and Shiner is a domestic beer there and cheap on Mondays.

  8. tiffany on 2 May 2005
  9. m: yes mark?
    when the hell is prom? and is las vegas happening? if not, why don’t you move prom to july. that way, i COULD COM DOWN FOR PROM.

  10. rlo on 2 May 2005

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